• VisionPros donates a portion of every sale to the Eyes for the World charity. Additionally, VisionPros Fundraising allows you to earn 10% of the entire order, not just the profit, allowing you to earn more money than a typical fundraiser. With VisionPros Fundraising, you are promoting essential products that a lot of people need to function in their daily lives. Your customers will always get a great deal. VisionPros prices are up to 70% off retail prices for contact lenses, eyeglasses, and sunglasses.
  • Once you have registered your school/organization with VisionPros Fundraising, you can begin immediately.
  • We recommend a VisionPros Fundraiser run for a minimum of four weeks. The longer you run it,  the more your organization can earn.
  • If Visionpros is having a sale, the customer will get the remaining discount after the 10% has been given to your organization. The discount will be in the form of a gift certificate for their next VisionPros purchase. For a sale that includes free shipping, the free shipping will be applied to the current order.
  • There is NO cost for the organization to conduct the Fundraiser.
  • Customers pay for the product and shipping.
    • VisionPros products are all duty and tax free.
  • Customers can find detailed information regarding shipping and insurance costs at http://www.visionpros.com/shipping.
  • The organization will get 10% of the total purchase. An average contact lens order is $100, which would earn you $10. An average eyeglasses order is $180, which would earn you $18. An average eyeglasses and contact lens order is $250, which would earn you $25.
  • No, all the payments are done directly through the VisionPros website. You do not handle any cash. VisionPros accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express and PayPal on the website.
  • Once the customer places the order, it will take 2-10 business days, depending on the order. Customers can find detailed information regarding shipping at http://www.visionpros.com/shipping.
  • You will receive an email every time a purchased is made using your fundraising code. At the beginning of every month, you will receive a summary of what your fundraiser has earned. You will receive a check six weeks later.
  • No. All exchanges or returns will be dealt with by VisionPros customer service representatives. If anyone asks you for help, direct them to the VisionPros website or have them call 1-888-404-7317.
  • YES, VisionPros is registered!!! You can submit the itemized receipt to your insurer for reimbursement for your VisionPros.com purchase.
    1. Verify your insurance plan includes vision benefits. The reimbursement amount you receive is based on your individual plan.
    2. Place your order with VisionPros.com.
    3. Submit itemized receipt you received from VisionPros.com. You will receive the itemized receipt in an email confirmation and be provided a copy of the receipt within your shipment. Additionally, you have access to your purchase history and itemized receipts through the my account portal on www.VisionPros.com.